Play Brother Wake Up Online for Free

Brother Wake Up is a horror game where you must save your little brother from his deep sleep. The watchmaker put your little brother to sleep and broke the clock. If you don't fix the clock, your brother's sleep will last forever. To wake up your brother, you need to find all the clock's details and fix the clock. Only then will the watchmaker's spell break, and your brother will wake up. Beware of watchmaker assistants since they will also chase you. Don't be fooled that they look so cute. They will make you tremble with fear. This game is filled with horror, nightmares, and heartbreaking sounds. Fear and horror will be waiting for you around every corner. Take courage if you want to reach the end. Look for details and hidden passages. Solve riddles and hide from the enemy. You can hide from monsters in closets and under the bed. Monsters have good hearing. Move on your haunches, and they won't hear you. Monsters react differently to the flashlight, some can be driven away, but others will attack you instead.



  • WASD or arrow keys = move
  • Space = jump
  • F = pick up / release item
  • E = interact with an object
  • 1,2,3 = inventory
  • Right-click = turn on / off the flashlight

Brother Wake Up can be played both on PC and mobile devices