Play Hanna in a Choppa Online for Free

Hanna in a Choppa is a game where you're tasked to fly a helicopter up to a flag - and that's basically it. This game is pretty easy to explain in terms of goals, but the gameplay itself as not as simple as it seems. You'll have to learn how to fly through tunnels and other obstacles to reach your destination. Each level will give you a different challenge, and it'll ramp up the difficulty as you go through them. Get ready for an awesome flying adventure with Hanna in a Choppa!



Easy Controls

  • Arrow keys = Fly chopper in the direction of the arrow key pressed
  • Z / X = Rotate chopper
  • Space = Deploy winch

Full Controls

  • Up arrow keys / Left mouse button = Thrust
  • Left/Right arrow keys / Mouse cursor = Tilt left/right
  • Space = Deploy winch

Hanna in a Choppa can be played both on PC and mobile devices